Venus (New Model II)

by Amonn: Damien Veen, Alf E. Eik

6T6 04:00
Xa-Enon 04:28
Eve's Limbos 06:04
Aurora 05:34
Cerbera 08:19
Methanium 04:21


Venus (New Model II) is the second volume featuring Ra-y's Legacy named after: "New Models". The dystopian concept depicts a New Age metaphysical Battle of Angels ; like unseen forces being in presence upon supra-levels. Indeed ; there would be shown in plain a political concept bringing some Neo-Marxism with "Xa-Enon" reminding a Xi deprivated of a valid existence by the greek "Enon" and also mention of Mars with"Red Earth"(metaphoric of bloody land). Finally expressing the "Life on Mars" and a kind of servitude with those new "Cyborg" Models the "Barbarellas 343". They would rather look perfect servicing well their corporations. In "Venus" by AMONN many ideas are found interacting ; if ever you look just a bit further more. The Drone Cerbera is by analogy here ; an Organic weapon of the Crypt (cryptology) : Syriah (Canis) serial intense flow for the ritual group being a sectarist Atonement ; Aurora is reinvented after the UFOLOGIES ; a way to travel thru time more static than ever moving. Finally what technology would imply humanity falling for an overall satanic Science is with no coïncidence getting described as an achievement to the "Twillight of the Gods". A projection where the "New Models" and "A.I.". had become the permanent Idols. Both albums are inspired from Billy Idol: "Cyberpunk".

The Album gets a bonus with its lyrics insider as a PDF.

Note: The Shangrilla-Dolls™ collection had been held so far from 2015 up to 2020 thru digital streaming portals but the original Amonn Albums + V2-Remixes are no longer featured. The collection shall get reformed in such a consequence. This line always features a young alternative Model there to represent the ideal adequation identity promotion of each Album thematic.


released April 27, 2020

All songs composed ; engineered and performed by Damien Veen except "New Model Barbarella 343"+ "Aurora" Guitars performed by Alf E. Eik. All songs registered at SACEM performing right society in 2010. Model featuring: Samantha Acord. A Shangrilla-Dolls™ Label Production ©2020.


all rights reserved



Amonn Oslo, Norway

Damien Veen and Alf E. Eik/NO collaborated in remixing David Bowie and U2 Later, Mike Garson/USA (David Bowie's keyboardist) features for AMONN upon two Creative albums. Sabrina Barlow Tribazik/UK features her vocalist presence for the poem of Nemesis (Vulgatae).Paul Barker features with a bass lead insider of the metal "Speak To Him" (Tunecore Contest) intro of Antistar Pandora. ... more

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