Cerbera [Alptraum Edition]

by Amonn: Damien Veen

Ankh-Ros 03:16
Two Angels Bribery (Club Mix) video
Pandora (The Red Box)
Monster (Extended Mix)
Uraeus 05:15
Monster (Lithium Mix)
Aria 02:29


A tribute to surrealist Swiss artist Hans Rudi Giger inspired by Eriktek film Studio-Team Alptraum ; Toluka Lake, CA ; U.S.A. workshop elaborated and edited from 2001 to 2018 .

Erik Dehkhoda proposes Alptraum in 2001 ; he presents his ANIMATION FILM PROJECT to HR Giger and works with him. Damien Veen encouters Erik and proposes to elaborate some demo-soundtracks ; those will evolve to be continued until the full album is achieved.

The songs are signed in 2002 with Gabor Csupo's Independent Hollywood Label "Tone Casualties". 10 years later ; the agreement comes to expiracy and Damien recovers the copyright to finish the opus made of 14 tracks - closing this legacy.

About H.R. Giger : This talented gnostic artist could have projected his fantasmagoric nightmare as a re-carnation of Heinrich Agrippa von Nettesheim ; the occult writer described in "Fiery Angel" a book by Valery Brioussov. This scholar of Hermès Trimegistus at his hours became soon a Kabbalist. Having prepared a career as a mystic soldier, a legend said he sometimes was described seen followed by his frightening black dog - both wandering into the streets of Köln. A cryptologist ; studying also as an Astrologer and a Magus ; a pre-Monist in his epoch opening the pathway to the Rosenkreuz. Later he was condemned by the regular Theologists in 1531. Being a Lutherianist confirmed ; he finds a protection agaisnt the Pope with the Bishop of Köln ; Prince Hermann von Wie : -until he died ; in 1535.

This album projects Cerberus as a feminin entity as it needs strong arguments to challenge with Giger ; the heritage is within the Art of analogic ontology requested to feature a guardian insider of the Myth (Theseus) .Or as a passenger of the Styx by the wieghter of Souls Anubis ; standing at the gates of Ankh-Ros. In this version the creature seems to recognize and/or protect his mistress calmed by Aria. Forces get inverted keeping a fidelity and respect to the Greek "Know Thyself"in Elysium where the Egyptian Sphynx is a female principle.The truth is seized but never to be found - as it stands in any edges of the Illuminist scholarship like some Sisyph stone. Holding a contain like a Canopic jar ; the research from Damien Veen was stated upon his early pathway. A travel through spaces will depict this elaboration as a sense of the sacrifice deprivated of ritual.
Another aliterated perception of the Manicheist concept with sound creatively minded. An Ode to the eternal Sophia fallen like some tempting fruit in offspring ; carnating a maiden from this original cinematic ambience and alternative trance.

-"One of the most revealant workshop ghostly inspired from those "Stryges hitting a bloodlight: - a rare tributing quest".

The Album has two different Art-Sleeves ; the second one wanted to be more realistic of an epoch when the artist H.R. Giger fought against 20th Century Fox stealing him from the Alien III franschise settlement. To protect his authorship (as he wasn't retributed) - his lawyer and friend Leslie Barany took an action.

Proposed as a bonus ; the AMONN first art-sleeve is coming along with the original PDF.


releases September 1, 2020

All songs composed and performed by Damien Veen - Mastered by Damien Veen in 2016. Songs registered at SACEM performing right society in 2015. Model fearuring : Brittanie Parsons. A Shangrilla-Dolls™ Label Production ©2020.


all rights reserved



Amonn Oslo, Norway

Damien Veen and Alf E. Eik/NO collaborated in remixing David Bowie and U2 Later, Mike Garson/USA (David Bowie's keyboardist) features for AMONN upon two Creative albums. Sabrina Barlow Tribazik/UK features her vocalist presence for the poem of Nemesis (Vulgatae).Paul Barker features with a bass lead insider of the metal "Speak To Him" (Tunecore Contest) intro of Antistar Pandora. ... more

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