Circe (New Model I)

by Amonn: Damien Veen, Per Ankh

CBETA [Cβ] 06:28
Endomorphin 05:28
Hades 04:06
Elektra 03:34


The influence Neo-Tokyo and Cyberpunk is very present within the concept side of this AMONN (New Model I) Circe. Per politics - Circe represents the world of magick we do live in and how we had consumed our time in history to get where we are in the present showing a fatalistic U-turn. Circe depicts a young generation having embrassed the Totalitarianism imposed through its capitalist hybridation.Where Æ would show how the future had co-opted people from the "Hunger Game" ; to assume the pyramidal construction of Zion as its New Messianic Babylon. Cerberus A.I. Drone ; made to be a gatekeeper of knowledge and security ; an expensive substance Endomorphic to conquer a materialistic Eternity being the new golden Stallion. An emblematic world of mechanical "Fusion" being the new Energy. Hades being the machine regulating system for all people movements and all transactions. When the Messianism passes by the debt you own and a sentiment of guilt having brainwashed your individualism: you shall then consider this AMONN Album an amazing gift made to you and an affirmative E.D.M. possession.

Anti-thesis :
While this Album depicts the above dystopic historical sense ; the logotype chosen for the art-sleeve embeds the notion of quantum physics essential to the greek philosophy (as in the Heisenberg unrational scholarship of Hermès & Pan to the dusk of the Titans Æ ). This veiled ambivalence would reveal another argument hidden behind those titles ; another destiny can also get projected being the insider of the music and song's lyrics.

The Album gets a bonus with its lyrics insider as a PDF.

Note: The Shangrilla-Dolls™ collection had been held so far from 2015 up to 2020 thru digital streaming portals but the original Amonn Albums + V2-Remixes are no longer featured. The collection shall get reformed in such a consequence. This line always features a young alternative Model there to represent the ideal adequation identity promotion of each Album thematic.


released May 10, 2020

All songs composed ; engineered and performed by Damien Veen except "Wonder' performed by Per Ankh. LV-426 is the electro version of the analog Cerbera from the album Venus. Songs registered at SACEM performing right society in 2017. Model featuring :Talea Cornelius. A Shangrilla-Dolls™ Label Production ©2020.


all rights reserved



Amonn Oslo, Norway

Damien Veen and Alf E. Eik/NO collaborated in remixing David Bowie and U2 Later, Mike Garson/USA (David Bowie's keyboardist) features for AMONN upon two Creative albums. Sabrina Barlow Tribazik/UK features her vocalist presence for the poem of Nemesis (Vulgatae).Paul Barker features with a bass lead insider of the metal "Speak To Him" (Tunecore Contest) intro of Antistar Pandora. ... more

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