Demeter (Silvergate)

by Amonn: Damien Veen

A Eon Blood 04:06
My Turn 04:48


The story of this coldwave album is genuine. It tells about Abduction snapshots and how artists would get inspired in definitive and where from. Upon this Babylonian Altar mystified by many famous musicians ; yet by some Beliefs ; we had sacrificed our honours and our youths by trading in for many fames. I often tried to look beyond the skies made of ices (as it was the argument) and below the visible iceberg cap remains in fact always to consider our (Reality). Though this fragile security top could be foretold by some "greenie" ; this one shall be acclaimed as a hero of our modern times : - counting his fantastic trip coming to visit the Earth inside his cabin-saucer ; his reach beyond those Astral planes succeeding to impose to humanity to learn thereabout some hypothetic Enochian stories. Also in our Universities by adding more mixtures to some humanist historical Encyclopedia. Would you sacrifice your blood for a few Eons having delt with or would you keep a survival instinct in family? (Silvergate). And in definitive would you distinguish here - a true word from a false prophecy?- Would you trade Spaceships and Engines like Han Solo to feed yourself (My Turn) ; would you accept to get an injection from someone coming in an U.F.O. offering a transhuman Eternity? (A Eon Blood) ; will you gameplay (Space Invaders) 1980's console Arcade again, in case you simply hope to keep your feet down on the ground... Making the difference was not evolutive to become. This was our progress : - At the start it had been given to us by entire freewill in a choice and once, it had formed our intelligence.This choice seems now no longer up-to-date and our intelligence gets a material replacement giving-up the emotional. Augmented reality or virtual realms?

The Album gets a bonus of 'Medley Trojan' with its lyrics insider as a PDF ; and Art PDF Alien drawings from Damien Veen made in 1994.

Note: The Shangrilla-Dolls™ collection had been held so far from 2015 up to 2020 thru digital streaming portals but the original Amonn Albums + V2-Remixes are no longer featured. The collection shall get reformed in such a consequence. This line always features a young alternative Model there to represent the ideal adequation identity promotion of each Album thematic.


released March 1, 2016

All songs composed ; engineered and performed by Damien Veen Songs registered at SACEM performing right society in 1996 up to 2017. Except Trojan lyrics ; a Medley for the song "Reason or Rhyme" : A Tribute to Bryan Ferry. Model featured : Miserere. A Shangrilla-Dolls™ Label Production ©2020.


all rights reserved



Amonn Oslo, Norway

Damien Veen and Alf E. Eik/NO collaborated in remixing David Bowie and U2 Later, Mike Garson/USA (David Bowie's keyboardist) features for AMONN upon two Creative albums. Sabrina Barlow Tribazik/UK features her vocalist presence for the poem of Nemesis (Vulgatae).Paul Barker features with a bass lead insider of the metal "Speak To Him" (Tunecore Contest) intro of Antistar Pandora. ... more

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