E​=​y​-​e feat. Mike Garson

from Lilith Moonstone (Ra​-​y II) by Amonn: Damien Veen, Mike Garson



If ever installed in your cabin, you'd go faster than the speed of Light and you didn't get disintegrated from this experiment : you would find yourself having travelled at some place and some momentum into the past.

E=y-e rather looks through the looking glass of some hypothetic physic mechanical formula being a Fisheye (symbol infinite) ; where the Energy, presented as as a cynetic force: -follows Bjorken.

Its constant [y] loses a Lepton e- or e+ (electron or positron) and the loss of energy might indicate that the photonic mass was infinitetesimal but is still quantifiable.

The formula was dedicated to a composition with Mike Garson & Damien Veen : antinomic of the normative relativity in E=mc². Maybe both the instrumental result and the track name would be quite inspired ?


from Lilith Moonstone (Ra​-​y II), released February 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Amonn Oslo, Norway

Damien Veen and Alf E. Eik/NO collaborated in remixing David Bowie and U2 Later, Mike Garson/USA (David Bowie's keyboardist) features for AMONN upon two Creative albums. Sabrina Barlow Tribazik/UK features her vocalist presence for the poem of Nemesis (Vulgatae).Paul Barker features with a bass lead insider of the metal "Speak To Him" (Tunecore Contest) intro of Antistar Pandora. ... more

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